UniversityTickets is the leading provider of ticketing technology custom designed for colleges and universities.


Ticket revenue only goes so far. An effective and customized fundraising program is critical to your success and longevity. With UniversityTickets, fundraising efforts are automated and managed alongside ticketing, with a donor management platform that's fully integrated into our custom-branded, cloud hosted ticketing platform.

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Our ticketing and customer relationship management platform allows for unlimited reserved and general admissions seat configurations, e-Tickets, Mobile Tickets, access control, donor management, subscriptions, real time marketing data and reporting – all on a custom branded portal that retains your own look and feel.

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Ever wonder how to offer student tickets securely, online, without making them available to the general public? With UniversityTickets, there's no more wondering. And the end of the business day shouldn't mean the end of ticket sales - your events will be available online, around the clock.

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The tassel's worth the hassle. Graduation tickets aren't. With UniversityTickets, tickets are available to students and their families at anytime, day or night, all from their home computer. We offer print-at-home and mobile tickets, campus authentication to validate a user's graduation eligibility in real-time, name pronunciation recording and more.

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